Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I don’t know about all the readers of these posts, but over the weekend saw the arrival of winter.   We had significant snow and after a brief respite yesterday we are back with more snowfall.   This year the chasse neige a.k.a.  local builder’s bob cat has been around the small roads of the village….just as the snow started today, (?) followed by our lovely village guardian in his tractor bearing salt.   Hopefully this will mean that I can actually get my car out if I need to and slippy-slide down the hill as I do each  year, and each year I promise I will either a) buy a 4 x 4 for next winter or b) get my car out and down to the shelter of the village foyer (yes in the foyer with the rest!)  before I get stuck. 
Chances of either  ZERO!  

I am however, happy and warm.   As suppliers of Woodwarm Stove I do in fact have a 9KW Fireview ticking away in my sitting room.  It has been doing so since we returned from Christmas, as they say 24/7.    Our stove is 9 years old and works as well as it did the first winter it went in.   It belts out the heat when needed, and will tick over nicely when all you want is background or top up warmth....just ask Nuts and Twinky....permanently attached to the stove in winter!! 

All of you who have had one of our stoves installed will also be nice and warm.   For those of you still undecided or perhaps running a less than efficient stove you are welcome to contact us for advice on how you can make sure you won’t be cold next winter, you won’t be sorry.

Steve is able to help with installations in our, and neighbouring departments.  Please get in touch for free advice.