Monday, 30 March 2015

Just to let everyone know that we will be on holiday until the end of April.  It's our least busy time..normally!  So we booked a month off....then the enquiries started to come flowing in proving that you can never tell.  I also put it down to our lovely new website designer Colleen Sims over in Dordogne,  who has done a marvellous job.   If you want her details, because she is truly a genius,  then let me know! 

We will be contactable for most of the time, and will be picking up messages, but we 'officially' return to work the 30th April.     If you want any help then you can leave us a message, email or telephone (leave an email address for the reply)  and we'll get back to you.  

In the meantime, have a lovely Easter and we look forward to speaking to our clients, present and future on our return.  

Tina and Steve Abbott


Wednesday, 11 March 2015


After a moderate winter, just a couple of weeks under the cold white stuff for us, we are through the worst, we hope…famous last words!     

We are looking forward to this year’s holiday which we take in mid spring, which is our least busy time.      

We’ll be back at the end of April in time for some supply installations over in the Lot et Garonne, Gironde and western Midi Pyrenees.   The word is spreading ever westwards! 

Most people leave their thoughts of heating behind now, it’s warming up after all, why should we worry about it until later?  Then later comes all too quickly … normally September or October when the temperatures start falling rapidly in the evenings, then all of sudden it’s November and brrrrr!   

This happens everywhere, not just in France, and as a result the wood burning stove manufacturers, whoever they may be are overrun with orders and cannot keep up with demand.  This is true of our stoves too, simply because they are hand finished to a high quality to the customer’s specifications, they are not just ‘off the peg’.   They are so popular in the UK that there is sometimes an 8 week waiting period in the season.

So we advise that should you be thinking of a quality manufactured wood burner, no matter who makes it, that you consider it earlier rather than later.  

You may not have heard of Woodwarm Stoves, this is because they just don’t advertise: they don’t have to.    All their UK work is through word of mouth and recommendations.  As a matter of fact, most of our supply and installation work is now this way too, our customers are so happy that they are putting the word out to their friends and those friends are also becoming our customers and so on, so we must be doing something right.  

Our stoves are completely controllable through a ‘car accelerator style’ air control system.  Open it up and the flames instantly come up, close it up and the flames die away to a wonderful dancing display, completely close the air off and you have a situation where the fire will sit until the next morning when you open it up and away  you go again with no need for kindling or firelighters.  They use less wood too, so less to order in or in our case, cut down and chop. 

Our family in the UK and here have run Woodwarm Stoves for over 20 years now, and it’s the only one that Steve will put his name to.    With 35 years in the trade as a heating engineer and plumber (C&G) he can help you decide what you need in the way of a stove, or actually if you need a stove at all, (if for example you have a holiday home it might be more economic to have electric heating)  but he will help you with that decision, even if we come away with no order.    He can advise on sizes and legal requirements for your chimney.  

On the last point, please don’t forget that you are from April legally obliged to fit a smoke detector in your properties.   

So if you are thinking that you have plenty of time to think about a wood burning stove for next winter, think again, September comes round so very fast, and could be facing some chilly evenings before you can get a burner installed.   

We are still offering discounts on our stoves, so call now for free, friendly non obligation advice.  

04 68 47 05 44 / 06 04 14 51 57