Wednesday, 6 May 2015

We are back!

Following our lovely holiday we are back at work.   Whilst on holiday we received quite a few enquiries from people wanting to know more about our stoves and Steve is working his way round visiting as many people as possible before we go off again to the west of France to work on installations. We are only away for a few days and will be back on the 13th May.

Now is the time to contact us if you think you need a stove.  Most stove manufacturers close down in August as a factory shut down, and ours is no different and will be shut for 2 weeks.  Woodwarm Stoves are now so popular in the UK that often demand outstrips supply and that means extended lead in times. 

Therefore no matter whose stove you decide to buy, get in early before summer with your order to ensure that you are well prepared for the colder weather in November, it really comes round quickly!    

We are still able to offer a 10% discount on our stoves in most cases.    

 We are also able to offer a full spare parts service for our stoves.  If you need fire bricks for example (normally they will last around 7 years with no heavy handed use - ours will enter their 10th year in the autumn), or if you break one or both glass screens (they are double glazed) etc, then get in touch with us.    

  1. Don't forget to install a smoke detector, they are mandatory in French homes now. They are found in most DIY stores for reasonable prices or on Amazon
  2. A moisture- tester is recommended to test the dampness of wood for use in ANY wood burning stove. Only burn dry wood, damp wood will seriously affect your heat output, will soot up your glass or stove and more seriously your flue leading to a loss in suction and is potentially dangerous.  Moisture testers are available from Amazon or E Bay starting at about £8 upwards.   You should only burn wood with 18% or less moisture.   If you cannot find a moisture tester, get in touch with us and we can order one for you.
  3. Get your chimney's swept   -  avoid the rush in the Autumn and now that the heating season is almost over, arrange the ramoner to come round, he'll welcome sweeping your chimney on a dry roof!

Finally, we wish you a great summer and don't forget to call us soon if you have any thoughts of buying or replacing your woodburning stove.