Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Newsletter July 2015

Newsletter July 2015
This morning the heat wave broke with a bang.  Like most of the south of France we’ve had a good 6 weeks of  sunshine.  No complaints of course, although 35 – 39 ish each day was getting to me a little!  

Being 22nd July, the summer is pressing on. It’s sad to say that in two months or so the temperatures will start to drop and in only three months time it will be mid October and some of us will be lighting up fires, woodburners or central heating, at least in the evenings, I can’t even believe it how fast the year is going. 

Now is really the time to think about your heating for the Autumn and Winter.  The rush will start soon and as a result it can take as long as 2 months to get a stove made and delivered to France.    Our stoves are hand finished to order and that cannot be hurried. 

We haven’t really stopped this spring and early summer with steady orders and installations for people all over the south and south west of France.   Most of our orders come from people who have been through recommendation or from people who know and love Woodwarm Stoves.    This is true even in the UK where Woodwarm Stoves UK rarely have to advertise and yet have a huge market for their stoves.   So if you haven’t heard of them, we are not surprised, but they are a very popular British made stove.  

If you are looking for a great stove for your property in France then consider contacting us for advice.  The ex-works prices start at £996 for our baby 4KW Firewren and the most expensive standard stove is the monster 20KW Fireview at £2300 (very few manufacturers can offer such a big stove).   We can quote for double sided (and double depth if needed) at all sizes.     Our stoves are also under warranty for a long 10 years!   Additionally we can offer a 10% discount (subject to conditions).  

If, however, you are looking for a cheaper option, perhaps for your holiday home, then follow Steve’s advice when doing your research. He says;

“A well designed stove should be controllable, efficient and for me, stay in all night,” said Steve Abbott, an expert in wood stove installation. “All of which you will not get for 300€ or 400€”

“So this is my tip – do not buy a stove that only has air inlets underneath the fire, as this will require regular poking at the ash bed to get air in, and results in loss of control and no overnight burning.”

“If you already own a stove, then invest in a wood moisture tester – available from Amazon for less than £10. Burn only dry wood, or wood that is less than 18% moisture content, you will ensure that wood burns more efficiently, produces less tar and therefore avoids your flue getting choked and the glass from becoming too sooty each day– do not burn wet wood in any stove” 

Below is a demonstration of the controllability of the burn on a Fireview Stove.  This is our midrange size, the 9KW. 

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Fundraiser Garden Party

We will be at the British Legion fundraiser event at Fabrezan on the 8th August if you want to speak to us personally for advice on your heating needs  We will be displaying our standard Fireview Stove so you can inspect it’s quality for yourself and look forward to speaking to those who come along.  Come and support the British Legion at the same time.