Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Early Autumn Newsletter

Well I hope that the Indian Summer is not over for us with the arrival of overnight temperatures of 1 or 2 degrees.    Steve is away at the moment doing some installations so I took advantage of this and lit our Fireview and settled down to catch up with Downton Abbey.  Yes for us it is a little early for lighting up but it was so nice and cosy.

We have had a busy 2 months with so many stove orders that we had to do quite a few of the deliveries ourselves across France.  

Orders are still coming in for winter.  The factory in Devon is flat out, but they are really good to us and are kindly making sure that our stoves are being finished on time or even ahead of schedule.  That said, if you are thinking of a stove for this winter, please get in touch before the real cold weather kicks in.    

Just to remind you of what to look for in a stove.  

If you are looking for a wood burning stove only,  it should have an air control that brings in air from above.  WOOD BURNS FROM THE TOP NOT THE BOTTOM.   If you’ve got a really old stove you might find that the air inlet is at the bottom and you will spend half the evenings in from of the fire poking around the logs to get enough air to keep it going.   
If you are looking for a multi-fuel stove then look for one that has both, an air inlet at the bottom and one at the top.   Solid fuel such as coal,  burns from underneath.    A multi fuel  stove will give you the opportunity to use either wood or solid fuel.  The bottom air inlet should be completely closable to enable wood burning. 

We supply both types.   Our best-selling Fireview model is a dual version, ranging in output  from 5 KW to a whooping great 20KW.   They can also be supplied with a variety of boilers to suit your central heating or hot water systems.  We can supply bigger stoves to order, but  your space would have to be huge as these can deliver so much heat!    We also do double sided stoves in single and double depths.  The 6KW double side single or double depth is a standard production; bigger outputs can be made up to order. 

The standard Fireview Flat Top 9KW Multifuel with Plinth.   
Cost of stove is £ 1,383.60 and plinth £150

The Wildwood Range, is purely for wood, also in the same sizes, with or without boilers, and in double sides if wanted. 

 Keeping warm with a Wildwood 5KW Flat top with a choice of bases = Price £1,056

We do other ranges, the Phoenix range, and the Foxfire, a wonderful little 4KW stove that packs a real punch!   

The wonderful little 4KW Foxfire.  Featurered here with the profiled Flat Top.   
Price £1,102,80 

All the stoves have an air-wash system meaning no more cleaning of screens – they do work believe me.   They also will burn overnight really easily.   Last night I let my stove go out, but I know that when I want I can keep it in 24/7, no dirty screens, no re-lighting and additionally…not much in the ash clearance thanks to the burning technology adopted by Woodwarm. 


One thing I need to remind you of is that if you have a wood burning stove you should by now have a carbon monoxide detector fitted, at least in the room where your stove is installed.  Ideally there should be one at every level of the house.  We hold a small stock of detectors should you have difficulty finding them.   They are priced at 10€ plus post.     
We also carry moisture testers* for your wood supply, priced at 15€ plus post, and finally we have stove pipe and stove body thermometers.   Priced at 10€ and 18€ respectively plus postage.  

I’m happy to put a package together for you to combine postage. 
*Wood should be ideally at less than 18% moisture or tar deposits may build up in your chimney. (Think of your chimney sweeping bill – and it can be dangerous as well as mucky in an open fire) 

If you need any help with choosing a stove, Steve has 35 years experience in the heating trade, fully insured and registered in France.  We can supply all over France and install within a reasonable distance of our base.   We have a small network of associate installers to help fill the gaps.   

Have a look at our on-line brochure on the main part of our website but feel free to contact us for any more information or free and friendly advice.