Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year to you all from Steve and Tina.

The fantastic little Foxfire

The mild Christmas was certainly a nice surprise; heating bills are down in our house as a result of the ‘warm’ weather over the last few months.  However, the rain has arrived and although the temperatures are not that low, the damp makes it feel colder.    I feel nonetheless that the proper winter will hit us sooner or later.  

 How many people can remember the February of 2012?  We had 2 weeks of -20 degrees.   A lot of homes had burst pipes, burst radiators, cracked toilets (yuck) and basins.  Granted many of these were holiday homes where people had gone off without draining their systems or leaving a radiator on if they could.   The best advice is that if you are regularly away from home during the winter, drain your system down, put salt in your loos and if possibly leave an electric radiator on with a frost stat setting.   If you have central heating with water filled radiators, arrange with your local heating engineer to put anti freeze in the system.   Don’t get caught out it’s an expensive business if you do.

Our autumn season was good in another way, we have had enquires from all over France and have been selling Woodwarm stoves like mad to all nationalities.  Their reputation is growing at a fast pace here and many of our enquiries are through recommendations; some of our customers have become our unofficial ambassadors.   You know who you are:  For which we say a big thank you.

We are pleased to say that everyone who wanted a Woodwarm installed for Christmas has been satisfied whether Steve or one of  our associate installers have done the work. Big thank you to Martin Ball from the Poitiers region, (contact:  Neil  Hutchinson from the Eymoutiers area and Andrew Brunsden from the Charente.   

We are always looking out for even more Heating Engineers to become associated with us, particularly in the Northern Dordogne, Brittany and Eastern France.    As we live in the Carcassonne area, Steve cannot do all the installations in France, so his area is normally limited to a maximum 1.5 hours journey time.  He will however, install further afield where there is more than 1 customer in that area who can be served at the same time.  He is always willing to help where there is a ‘supply’ only, by talking to the customer or to the installer (French or English).  

The waiting list for a stove is now down to about 3-4 weeks from order, so you are not too late to get a stove in for the worst part of winter.   

Our prices range from just under £1000 for the smaller stoves to around £2000 for the monster 20KW’s (dependant on the top you want – it’s just under the £2000 for a flat top 20KW) We can also supply double sided and double depth stoves.  The 6/12KW being the standard, but we can price up for a larger model.  All the stoves are hand finished to order, and can be supplied with different tops and sides and also different colours and there is a brass option for the handles and catches.    

These stoves are an investment, but a quality investment that will last you for years and years.   There is a 10 year guarantee with each one supplied.  Ours is now into its 10th winter and going strong.   Steve visited a customer in the summer who had been using his Fireview for 15 years…all that was wrong was that the door rope needed replacing and 1 fire-board.  Our stove is a 9KW Fireview exactly as you see on the link below, which is a Youtube demonstration of their controllability.

This brings me to spare parts.

We carry fireboards in stock, not needed very often, but  here when you need one or more.   We also carry carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, moisture testers, and chimney and stove body thermometers.  Contact us for prices and postage.

Burn wood that is less than 18% moisture.  That’s for any stove not just ours.   If you don’t then you will end up with gooey tar clogging your chimney and stove, not good for performance and can be dangerous and at the very least a devil for your ramoneur to clean. 
Smoke detectors are obligatory in France.  Carbon Monoxide detectors are highly recommended for obvious reasons,.
 We are always willing to chat and help with any decisions about buying a wood burning stove, even if at the end your decision is to go with another manufacturer.    We are at the end of a phone or you can email us, our contact details are on the website - click at the top of the page.    

Straight sided 9KW Profiled Flat Top Fireview with plinth
Monster 20KW Fireview in a Forest Green Colour  with standard flat top and the full monty of a boiler system.  Installed just before Christmas 2015 by Martin Ball, Heating Engineer based near Poitiers - doggies supplied by Cathe Bower! Cathe's link