Saturday, 27 January 2018

New Look Brochure, Video on our stove production, and Information on best woods to use.

New Look for Woodwarm Stoves

Download our latest brochure
 Woodwarm Stoves Brochure for details on these brilliant woodburners 

Stove picture is the wood fired only Wildwood on an integral woodstore base. Sizes 5KW to 20KW 
Multifuel Fireview our most popular stove can be supplied up to 20KW.  All use considerably less wood than the 'DIY' store purchased stoves AND stay in all day and all night, 
We also can supply you with double faced stoves should you need 2 rooms heated by the same stove.

If you are feeling the cold and draughts with your current stove, or other heating, contact Steve for more information on supply only, or supply and installation in our local area. 

0033 4 68 47 05 44 or 06 04 14 51 57 (leave a message)

Prices start at £1056 for the Firewren 4KW (below - on integral woodstore base) 

Here's some video to look at..... 

Go to 35 minutes and 10 seconds and you will see our stoves in production. 

Here's some information on what wood is best for burning. 
Don't forget to make sure your wood is under 19 % moisture content - you can buy wood moisture testers from Amazon. Remember - damp wood = clogged chimneys and damaged woodburners.