Sunday, 5 January 2020


Continuing your resolutions as wood burning stove owners 

I will get my chimney swept at least once per year by a registered chimney sweep - remember your house insurance! 

You should be getting your chimney swept at least once a year by a certificated chimney sweep. Most French insurers insist on this being done at least once per annum.  This is because, over time, soot and creosote will build up inside your wood burner flue (though you can limit this dramatically by only burning seasoned wood - see previous blog entry). Getting the chimney swept will reduce the risk of flammable creosote causing a chimney fire and also keep the stove system as efficient as possible.

We sell Woodwarm Stoves as agents for the 'mothership' company in Devon.   

All Woodwarm stoves feature their advanced clean burn air wash system. After circulating the stove, pre-heated air flushes down the double glazed door, keeping the glass perfectly clean at all times - even at low temperatures. Superior clean burn efficiency means that not only is more heat achieved on less fuel, but combustion products in the flue are also reduced, causing fewer flue problems. Reduction in pollution combined with greater efficiency creates a really environmentally friendly stove.  

For more information on these great stoves see our website where you can download a brochure.   

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