Monday, 6 January 2020

New Year Resolutions for Wood Stove Owners or Potential Wood Stove Owners

No. 3
If you are thinking about buying a new stove, then select wisely.  There are many cheap stoves out there on the market which are no more than a metal box poorly put together and you will watch your money literally going up in smoke.  This is because the cheaper end of the market tends to be uncontrollable, so you will spend your days throwing log after log after log on the fire.     

A well-engineered stove will sit all day and night on fewer logs, throw more heat into the room rather than up the chimney, and save you money in the long run.    Wood burners should have an upper air inlet that is controllable from open to almost fully shut.  Wood burns from the top, coal burns from the bottom.  Many cheaper stoves only have a  bottom air inlet which will mean you sit all night poking around pushing the ash around to open the air supply.    

Remember that your insurance company will ask if your stove was installed by a qualified installer.  This is because the French regulations are quite strict and rightly so. A metre or two of pipe stuck into your chimney does not comply!    Check that they have the correct registration with your local Chambre de Metiers, (registered floor tilers do not qualify) and that they have the relevant professional insurance.  

Yes, installing a flue is not an expensive business compared with rebuilding your dream home. 

Steve offers a Plumbing and Heating Service in West 61/South 14/East Manche  He is also the agent for the manufacturer Woodwarm Stoves of Devon and we supply the whole of France with these super stoves. 
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