Friday, 10 January 2020

Steve offers a Plumbing and Heating Service including stove installations in West 61/South 14/East Manche  He is the agent in France for Woodwarm Stoves of Devon ....

... however this is general information on how to maintain a woodburner in winter no matter whose make. 

  • Don't leave any stove slumbering for too long, give it a rev up once a day to avoid tar build up in the flue.  I do this every morning when making a cuppa, our Woodwarm Fireview doesn't go out overnight, so I just open the 'speed' (air)  control and get it going then pop another log on.  

  • My normal mantra - don't burn wood that hasn't been seasoned.  Wood should have dried to at least 19% moisture content.    You can buy moisture testers from Amazon Sample of moisture testers on Amazon.

  • If your stove doesn't have a self-cleaning glass (like Woodwarm Stoves 😍) then do not use a scourer or anything abrasive as you will be left with a scratched glass which will attract more and more deposits and spoil your view.   

  • We also recommend a stove or stove pipe thermometer to not exceed the most efficient operating temperature.  Over firing can cause serious damage to your stove, and waste money with the amount of wood you are burning.   These are also available on Amazon should you want one. 

  • Don't forget that you need to have by French regulations  a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your house no matter what stove you have.

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