Monday, 13 January 2020

The Woodwarm Wildwood, CE approved range of stoves have been developed to be environmentally friendly, burning only wood as a totally sustainable fuel.   Wood fuel is carbon neutral.  It absorbs as much carbon in its growth as it releases when burnt.  Reducing carbon emissions helps the environment.   The WILDWOOD stove ranges from £1,176 for the baby 5KW to £2,024.40 for the whopping 20KW inclusive of VAT.  All come with a choice of base, in the picture below you can see the log store base.  All stoves are made to order at the base in Devon and finished to your specification, i.e. colour, bases and catches.

We can offer an installation service in our local area, if not we can help find a local installer

Contact us for more information.  Steve is fully registered and insured for stove and flue installation and plumbing work.   or   

06 04 14 51 57 

Wildwood with log store base.

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