Friday, 21 February 2020

Ban on wood burning fires

Many people may have seen the news that the UK government is going to ban the sale of coal and for now 'wet wood'  and the newscasters have started to warn that all wood burning fires may be a thing of the past due to the particulates that they emit. 

The UK press also reports that only the most highly engineered and eco rated wood burning stoves will ultimately be  allowed to be sold in the UK. 

Many stoves that are fabricated in China, which are the ones you mostly see in the the DIY shops will not be rated high enough to be sold in UK, who knows in France yet.

Woodwarm Stoves are highly engineered to be environmentally friendly and many of them are DEFRA approved for use in smokeless zones.

The most important thing here, is once again my mantra.... do NOT BURN WET WOOD!   The wood should be less than 20% moisture content.    Any wood burner burning wet wood will produce tar and noxious fumes and can cause a build up tar in your flue and block it,,,, a fire hazard.  There is no point in burning wet wood, it will not produce the heat that you need.

Steve is the agent for Woodwarm Stoves in France and can help you pick the best wood burning stove that suits your needs.   Fully registered and insured (decennel) in France as a Plumber and Heating Engineer he can supply and install your stove in a 1 hour radius of our base and can also quote on your plumbing needs.   We can also supply Woodwarm Stoves throughout France.