Friday, 1 May 2020

Despite this trying time, Spring is here at last but chimneys need sweeping ...

This is a shout out to remind you that it is nearing the end of the heating season hopefully, summer is coming, and it's time to book your chimney sweep if you can.    It is so important to have this maintenance done as tar build up in your flue can cause chimney fires and insurance companies are very cute at not paying out.   It is possible that during the lockdown you will have had more fires than normal.   A registered sweep will also inspect your flue and make sure it's still connected in the right places and in good condition.   He will tell you if it isn't.        

Now would normally be the time to start thinking about next winter's heating.  Once late August hits, things start to get busy and lead in times extend.    Presently, our factory is on shutdown with the staff on furlough.   But there are stocks of stoves in their storeroom which they managed to get finished before they had to stop, and staff working from home are able to take orders, and get them out via normal couriers.      We had a delivery this week, so it's possible to still order this Spring if you want to get ahead.   Please feel free to get in touch and we will try to help.    

We can supply throughout France still with available stoves, deliveries are permissible.    More locally we can supply and install within an hour (+/-) radius of base.    Steve is also able to offer a plumbing service, being registered with CMA Orne and fully insured for decenelle for stove and flue installation and plumbing.      City and Guilds qualified since 1983 and registered in France since 2006.  

Contact details are on our website or message through Facebook 

Stay safe everyone 

Steve and Tina Abbott